Tissue Cure Alliance Finland Membership Information

Tissue Cure Alliance Finland (TCAF) is a non-profit community for Finnish tissue regeneration and wound care companies and for research organisations.

The Alliance offers access to specialized knowledge and expertise and enables participants to expand their professional network. Sharing experiences and best practises is at the heart of the Alliance. In addition, the Alliance aims at promoting and marketing the products and solutions provided by its members.

The Alliance acts as a platform for people and organisations in the field to meet and exchange knowledge and experience. In its role as facilitator and enabler, the Alliance arranges scientific seminars, networking and promotional events.

Members present their products and solutions under the common brand of the Alliance.

Institutional members

  • will get their logo on TCAF publications and a short presentation on the TCAF homepage
  • have voting rights at TCAF members’ meetings
  • may use the text “Member of Tissue Cure Alliance Finland” together with TCAF logo in their marketing
monthly subscription fees, three categories:
  • Start-ups 150 €
  • Not-for-profit organizations 300 € (*
  • Growth companies 450 €

    New institutional members will be given a substantial discount.
    This first date membership fee will be only 150 € for the first 12 month period. After the first year , the member can decide to continue as a member , and then pay the normal fee according to size of the organisation.
    *) As of 2023, universities pay no subscription fee

Individual members

    • can benefit and also contribute by being part of the TCAF network
    • may participate in all events arranged by the Alliance
Yearly subscription fee
  • 150 €

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