3D Bioprinting in Finland Today

MARCH 11 2021 at 12:00-16:00 Helsinki time, EET (UTC+2)

A big THANK YOU to all speakers and participants in this great and interesting event! 

The event took place on March 11th 2021. A recording is now available. Hope to see you soon at another exciting event arranged by Tissue Cure Alliance Finland!

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Here you can see the video recording of the entire event. You can also click on the titles below to watch a certain presentation.


Name of the presenterInstitutionPresentation title (click to see recording)
Andreas SlamaTCAFIntroduction to the Event and Information about Tissue Cure Alliance Finland
Nonappa NonappaTampere UniversityHydrogel Scaffolds for Cancer Tissue Culture
Ezgi ÖzliseliÅbo Akademi University3D Printed Muscle Tissue to Model Muscular Dystrophy
Marika MannerströmTampere UniversityA Model for Investigating Interactions between Different Cell Cultures Separated from each other by a 3D-Printed Hydrogel Barrier
Susanna MiettinenTampere UniversityEstablishing a Bioprinting Network in Finland
Antti ArjonenBrinterBioprinting Research and Application Examples
Isabella BondessonCellinkUsing 3D Bioprinting to Create the Future of Medicine
Xiaoju WangÅbo Akademi UniversityNanocellulose-based Biomaterial Inks in Light-assisted 3D Printing
Rubina AjdaryAalto UniversityFrom 3D Printed Monocomponent Nanocellulose Scaffolds to Multifunctional Composites
Robert LuxenhoferUniversity of HelsinkiNovel Thermoresponsive and Shear-thinning Hydrogels for Bioprinting
Mohammadhassan AnsarizadehOulun yliopistoVasculature Bioprinting Strategies
Seppo VainioOulun yliopistoRoadmaps towards Mass Produced Printed Intelligences for Innovative Tissue Engineering and Biosensor Applications
Mika JokinenMMAM/TuAMKDesign of Materials for 3D-printing of Delivery Device for Biological Drugs
Isabella BondessonCellinkOnline Demo / Business Presentation
Johana Kuncova-KallioUPM BiomedicalsNanocellulose for Regenerative Medicine
Pasi KaskinenBrinterPrinting Life One Layer at a Time – Company Presentation
Andreas SlamaTCAFQ & A and Closing Remarks


Nonappa Nonappa, DSc

Associate Professor in Nanochemistry at
Tampere University, Tampere, Finland

Research interests: Developing hydrogel-based nanoscaffolds for patient-derived cancer tissue culture and novel preclinical models for accelerated drug discovery.

Other research areas of interest are advanced optical materials for biomedical applications, cryogenic electron microscopy (Cryo-TEM),
and precision nanomaterials.


Ezgi Özliseli
Doctoral Candidate, Åbo Akademi University

Ezgi Özliseli is a doctoral candidate in BioNanoMaterials research group, Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory and Cell Fate research group supervised by Prof. Jessica Rosenholm and Prof. Cecilia Sahlgren in Åbo Akademi University. She holds a BSc degree in Bioengineering, and a MSc degree in Biomedical Imaging and has a strong background in cell biology, fabrication and biological applications of nanoparticles as drug delivery systems, bioimaging and 3D bioprinting. Her research project is focused on developing 3D bioprintable composite scaffolds incorporated with drug-carrying nanoparticles for spatiotemporal control of stem cell differentiation.  

Marika Mannerström, PhLic
The Finnish Centre for Alternative Methods (FICAM)
Tampere University, Tampere

Marika Mannerström’s research interest is in the development and validation of in vitro test methods that replace and reduce animal testing.
In addition to research work, Marika Mannerström works in FICAM as a GLP quality assurance auditor.

Assoc. Prof. Susanna Miettinen, PhD, Doc, Group leader
Adult Stem Cell Group, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University, Tampere, Finland

Susanna Miettinen has led Adult Stem Cell Group since 2005. Adult Stem Cell Group is a multidisciplinary research group combining expertise in cell biology, stem cell technology, engineering and medicine. The research objectives are to increase knowledge on human mesenchymal stem/stromal cell (MSC) biology and to use this knowledge to develop cell-based and tissue engineered products for clinical use and as in vitro models. Research interests include bone, soft and vascular tissue engineering combined with biomaterial studies as well as different methods to guide MSC differentiation. Ongoing translational and clinical projects (e.g. maxillofacial bone defects) provide a strong link between basic cell biology, tissue engineering and patient care. In the group, bioprinting is utilized among other applications for producing 3D bone transplants and vascularization.

Dr Antti Arjonen
Principal Science Officer
Brinter Ltd

Antti Arjonen is scientific developer, 3D cell models at Brinter Ltd. He has a strong background in cell biology and has completed his PhD on cancer research.

Isabella Bondesson, MSc

Bioprinting Field Application Scientist at CELLINK


Isabella Bondesson is a Bioprinting Field Application Scientist at CELLINK, a leading bioprinting company. She joined CELLINK in 2018 after completing her master’s thesis at Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden) on the topic of Bioprinting of Skin Tissue Models. Isabella is a biotechnology engineer with tissue engineering profile and have at CELLINK been working on the development of skin tissue models, identification of suitable bioink formulations and 3D modeling for bioprinting.



Dr Xiaoju Wang
Academy of Finland Research Fellow
Åbo Akademi University

Dr. Xiaoju Wang is a Research Fellow funded by Academy of Finland in term of 2020-2025. She is currently affiliated with both Pharmaceutical Science Laboratory and Laboratory of Natural Materials Technology at Åbo Akademi University. With her intrinsic research interests and exploited disciplines within several stages of postdoc, her ongoing research is mainly focused on developing chemistry and material approaches to engineer high-performance natural material-based bioinks for 3D bioprinting in service of fabrication of cell culture platforms and tissue mimics.

Ruby formal

Rubina Ajdary

Doctoral Candidate
Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering

Rubina Ajdary is a doctoral candidate in Orlando Rojas research group (BiCMat, Aalto and UBC). Her research is focused on biomaterials, biopolymers, and their processing by 3D printing/bioprinting techniques. During her research she has worked with extrusion techniques (direct ink writing, and fused deposition modeling), streolithography, binder jetting, and selective laser sintering. The material processed with these methods are applicable in biomedicine (scaffolds, patches, and implants), biocomposites, as well as highly stable absorbents.

Robert Luxenhofer, Prof. Dr.
Professor for Soft Matter Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki

Robert Luxenhofer completed his PhD in 2007 at the TU München in polymer chemistry. As a postdoc at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, he worked with Alexander V. Kabanov on drug delivery and endocytosis of polymers. After his return to Germany, he investigated polypeptoids as a materials platform at the TU Dresden in pursuit of his Habilitation. Since 2012, he has been professor at the Universität Würzburg heading the Functional Polymer Materials group. In 2019, he has accepted a position as full professor in Soft Matter Chemistry at the University of Helsinki. His research interests include synthesis of highly defined and tailored polymers, their interaction with biological entities and development of novel biomaterials and the formulation of highly hydrophobic drugs. More recently, he is developing his group towards 3D printing, tissue engineering and biocompatible hydrogels.  

Mohammadhassan Ansarizadeh

Mohammadhassan Ansarizadeh

PhD student
Lauri Eklund group, Biocenter Oulu

Mohammadhassan Ansarizadeh is currently working as a PhD student in Lauri Eklund group in Biocenter Oulu. His project is part of Vascular Anomalies Cure supported by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions ITN program (www.VAcure.eu). They aim to mimic vasculature
structure using different methods like spheroids, bioprinting and microfluidic chips. More importantly, they are going to find molecular mechanism involved between endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells and their ECM in the mentioned
models in vascular anomalies.

Seppo Vainio, PhD
professor developmental biology
group leader Infotec and Kvantum Institute in Oulu

PhD Seppo Vainio is a professor developmental biology, group leader in Infotech Oulu and also Kvantum Institute in Oulu University in the Faculty of Biochemistry and  Molecular Medicine. He also serves as a vice director of the Academy of Finland GeneCellNano flagship. Vainio has published close to 170 articles that have been sited more then 13 000 time with H-index 56. The prime R&D focuses on programming and engineering mammalian organogenesis in part via the molecular/nanocommunication tools.   

Mika Jokinen
D.Sc., Adj. Prof.
Principal Lecturer; Research Leader (New Materials & Processes)
Turku University of Applied Sciences/Chemical Engineering

Mika Jokinen is head of a research group, New Materials and Processes, and Principal lecturer at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland. He holds a doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering (focus area in the thesis was sol-gel derived bioceramics). He also holds the positions of Adjunct Professor in Medical Biomaterials at Åbo Akademi University and Research Director at DelSiTech Ltd, which develops injectable biomaterials for long-acting drug delivery. He has 27 years of research experience in development of different types of biomaterials in universities and biomaterials companies. Recently his research has focused on development of biomaterials for low-temperature 3D-printing, controlled vaccine delivery and biomaterials for 3D cell culture or tissue engineering.


Dr Johana Kuncova-Kallio
Director, UPM Biomedicals

Johana is the Director of UPM Biomedicals. She has received her PhD in 2007 in the fields of cell technology. During her career, she was involved as a business advisor, investor and/or board member in several spin-offs from universities as well as from companies. UPM Biomedicals is the forerunner in producing high quality nanofibrillar cellulose for medical and life science applications. More than 300 patents protect the existing and future products that rely on the Finnish birch pulp. We actively collaborate with universities, research centers and key industrial partners on future innovations and products in the field of high throughput drug screening, personalized medicine, advanced cell therapies, 3D bioprinting, tissue engineering and advanced wound care.

Pasi Kaskinen
Sales and Marketing Director
Brinter Ltd

Pasi Kaskinen is head of sales and marketing at Brinter Ltd. He is an expert on international trade, especially commercialization of university research but also export of industrial products and services.

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