Experience Tissue Cure in Tampere on March 19th

Tissue Cure Alliance Finland (TCAF) will host a networking afternoon in Tampere in March. At the event you can experience live demonstrations, watch presentations and interact with other people. If you are interested in the field of tissue regeneration and wound care, this is the event for you! The purpose of the event is to get together, exchange knowledge and ideas.
Free snacks are offered!


Thursday March 19th 2020 at 14:00. Tribe Tampere, Pinninkatu 47, Tampere. The event will be open until 17:00.


  • Live Demonstrations: Come and see live wound measurement with CutoSense and try Bioprinting with Immuno Diagnostic!
  • Presentations: At the event you will see short presentations of TCAF members. In addition to the above, UPM Biomedicals, Askel Healthcare, Red Cross Blood Service and Åbo Akademi University will be present.
  • Networking: Most of the event will be dedicated to informal discussions and free interaction. – Free snacks: Drinks and snacks will be offered free of charge!


Please sign up for the event by sending an email to TCAF coordinator Andreas Slama, andreas.slama@tissuecure.fi as soon as possible, but no later than March 17th.


Tissue Cure Alliance Finland (TCAF) is a non-profit community for Finnish tissue regeneration and wound care companies and for research organisations. Sharing experiences and best practises is at the heart of the Alliance. In addition, the Alliance aims at promoting and marketing the products and solutions provided by its members.


The Alliance was founded in 2018 by Finnish start-up companies Askel Healthcare Oy, CutoSense Oy, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, UPM Biomedicals and Åbo Akademi University.

For more information contact coordinator Andreas Slama, andreas.slama@tissuecure.fi or chairman Virpi Muhonen, virpi.muhonen@askelhealthcare.com or visit www.tissuecure.fi

New pharmaceutical research utilising nanobiotechnology in Finland

A new research ecosystem has been set up in Finland in which the country’s leading research organisations, together with the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, Orion Pharma and nanotechnology SMEs, are joining forces to develop new types of nanobiotechnological solutions for the treatment and early diagnostics of severe progressive diseases.

Read more on the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service webpage:

Johanna Nystedt Docent of the Year 2019

Johanna Nystedt has been awarded the title Docent of the Year 2019 by the Turku Association of Docents for her substantial work in the field of cell therapy.

Tissue Cure Alliance Finland and all its members would like to congratulate Johanna, who has been an integral part of the TCAF leadership during the initial phase of the alliance.

Johanna Nystedt, Docent of the Year 2019

TCAF @ Lääkäripäivät 2019

Tissue Cure Alliance Finland held a panel discussion at Lääkäripäivät 10 January 2019 at the Helsinki Exhibition Center in cooperation with Business Finland at their DigIT POP-UP stage.

The topic for the discussion was “What is The Future of Tissue Cure Within the Next 20 Years?”.

Virpi Muhonen / Askel Healthcare (moderator)
Mikko Vesa / Cutosense
Esko Kankuri / Helsingin yliopisto
Saara Laitinen / Veripalvelu
Markus Nuopponen / UPM Biomedical

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PRESS RELEASE: Tissue Cure Alliance Finland boosts collaboration and helps utilize commercial opportunities in tissue care

Helsinki 10.12.2018

Tissue Cure Alliance Finland boosts collaboration and helps utilize commercial opportunities in tissue care

Tissue Cure Alliance Finland (TCAF) is a non-profit alliance aiming at utilising the high growth opportunities in the field of tissue cure. The alliance brings together the vast know-how of its members to boost commercial opportunities and collaboration and supports sharing best practices and latest development in the field. Moreover, TCAF arranges scientific seminars and promotional events to increase the public awareness and industry know-how.

Opportunities for a high-tech success story

New innovations in tissue cure can help patients in ways never seen before and significantly improve the quality of people’s lives. This becomes increasingly important considering the global megatrends such as ageing population. On the economical side, advances in tissue cure can act as growth drivers for companies in the forefront of development and create significant new business opportunities for them.

TCAF offers its members a platform for collaboration and information sharing and is also looking to visibly promote new Finnish high-tech success stories in tissue cure.

“I believe TCAF can act as a kick-off for a whole new ecosystem of opportunities and support us in showcasing true leadership in an exciting field. To further strengthen our impact, we warmly welcome new members to join the Alliance to both contribute to and benefit from the cooperation. This is a great opportunity to become a part of a new high-tech success story that builds on the long history of highquality education and science in Finland.”, says Virpi Muhonen, Chairman of the Board.

More information

Virpi Muhonen, Chairman of the Board, v.muhonen@askelhealthcare.com +358 40 489 3840
Johan Gräsbeck, Oy Konfer Ab, Coordinator, johan@konfer.fi +358 50 413 6228
Andreas Slama, Oy Konfer Ab, Coordinator, andreas@konfer.fi +358 40 503 2034

Founding members and their specialities:

  • Askel Healthcare Oy, a cartilage regeneration startup
  • CardioReg, research group for regenerative medicine at University of Helsinki
  • CutoSense Oy, wound-measurement and treatment systems
  • Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, a not-for-profit, nationwide blood, tissue and cell therapy service provider
  • UPM Biomedicals, innovative and sustainable wood-based biomedical products
  • Åbo Akademi University, high-level research in life sciences, materials and technologies for health

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